Open this book on any page for a small slice of inspiration or pick a topic and garner an insight from some of the greatest mentors that ever walked among us. This easily read, digestible book is an invaluable companion as you make your way through this magical journey called life! Read it, share it and, most of all, use it to transform the life you’re living.


Simon is the Founder of The Change Maker Group and this book is the first instalment of their combined knowledge to make its way onto the bookshelves and e-readers across the world. The book itself shot to the top of the Kindle charts in its two categories and has continued to be picked up by people interested in learning how to make change happen more effectively and sustainably. Written by true practitioners who have overseen dozens of major change programmes and coached and trained thousands of change leaders, this book is a must read! 


Most people fear networking. It is perceived as threatening, awkward or, even worse “selling”! In this book, Simon explains how networking should be nothing more than building effective relationships and then shares a whole bunch of techniques for doing just that.
In putting this book together, Simon interviewed 50 of the most prolific and successful networkers on the planet, both online and offline, and their ideas and insights are spread throughout the book.


In this updated version of his first book (Time Management 24/7), Simon delves even more deeply into what it is that stops us form forging ahead with the daily routines that we know will assure success. He reviews the best tools (online and offline) that his clients use and shares the Master Key, the one thing that can unlock your potential and help you achieve your goals. Mastering Time is not about doing more, it is about “being” all you can be.

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