Born and raised in South Wales, Simon studied Modern History at the University of St Andrews before starting his career in London and Manchester with the pioneering Change Management division of the organisation now known as Accenture. His restless mind and desire to reach a bigger audience led him to form his own company in 2000. His early ideas of how the internet and, in particular, mobile technology would transform our lives has become a reality and his books have been sold all over the world.


Simon firmly believes that “Leaders Are Readers” and through his extensive research into what the great thinkers of all time have shared, he has concluded that life is all about four things – the energy you build and share in life, the strength of the relationships you develop, the recognition of the immeasurable value of lifelong learning and the desire to help the people with whom we share this beautiful green planet.


Simon created the DELTA approach to making change happen whilst working with one of his early coaching clients. Her life was in turmoil and he realised his years of experience working with teams and organisations implementing massive programmes of change was totally relevant. The model has been refined over the past decade and now serves as a simple way for people to be Change Makers in their lives and at work.


Simon invented the original Motvate Cards to help people identify what is motivating and demotivating them right now. Since then, working with Sue Wellman and Professor Charlotte Rayner, he has developed an App that delivers the same real-time insights to individuals , teams and organisations online. Spread across four categories, Relationships, Environment, Activities and Life, the cards offer powerful insights to people in times of change.

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