“Don’t just find a job. Do something that makes you smile!”

Very often the pressure is on when we lose our current job. We may have cashflow issues. Maybe we fear long-term unemployment. Or possibly, we have a crisis of confidence. Nevertheless, don’t just find a job…it may be the worst thing you can do.

Instead, take some time to check if your knee-jerk reaction is founded in reality. Do you need to restart the cashflow immediately? Is there an opportunity to take a bit more time and identify better opportunities? This reality check is vital, it ensures you don’t miss the opportunity to get off the travelator. The travelator sounds a bit like this:

  • Too Young – “I didn’t know what I wanted when I left school so I took the first job that came my way!”
  • Lacking Experienced – “Once I’d started work, I realised I had very little experience in so many areas. I decided to stay and deepen my skills.”
  • Overly Specialised – “After a while I became good at what I did and I now faced a different challenge. My skills felt too specialised and my job options felt too constrained.”

Unfortunately, this is how many people navigate their way through their careers and why, if that’s how you feel right now, I’m challenging you with the statement; “Don’t just find a job!”

Follow That Dream

In my latest video I discuss some key alternatives to picking up the first job that comes along. You’ll discover;

  • Why 2020 could finally deliver and be a truly memorable year in your career.
  • How Elvis Presley’s advice from 1962 may be the key to happiness and fulfilment.

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In the meantime, grab a few moments for yourself. What makes you smile? What clues lie hidden in your interests and skills that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis? Is there something you could do for others that would make their day? Capture some notes in your journal, your diary or your phone.

Finally, here’s a short TED Talk on how to tap into your Passions. It’s similar to the L4 Framework I have been using with my clients since I wrote my first book – 2 Questions To Uncover Your Passion.

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