“Networking is not about what you can Gain, it’s about what you can Give.”

Many people approach Networking from the wrong end, anticipating what they can get from their new contacts. But, before you can Gain from your networking activities, you need to Invest – your time, your support and your energy.

Importantly, if you think about your business or your career strategically, networking will play a vital role. Indeed, your connections will prove invaluable throughout your journey. Essentially, your job is to spend the time developing those connections into valuable mutual relationships. That starts with the correct thought process. “How can I help? How can I be of value?” Admittedly, that can be a bit daunting, especially if you are just starting out. However, give it a couple of minutes thought, and you’ll soon identify how even the most inexperienced person can be a valuable network member. For example, here’s some of what you bring;

  • Enthusiasm – being new to the world of work, you will bring an infectious level of energy. This will inspire the people you are seeking to help.
  • Naivety – your lack of experience means you will have a fresh pair of eyes and an uninhibited view of any challenge that you encounter. This will be refreshing for your more experienced partners.
  • Education – you have grown-up in a world that is very different. A world that has been technologically enabled. To you that is normality, to your new partners, it may be confusing and a tough challenge.

In short, there is a real exchange of value, whatever stage of your career.

Transform Your Results

Take a look at this video to hear more about how to succeed through Networking. In particular, listen out for insights on;

  • The 5 key guidelines for success, as expressed by some of the most prolific networkers in the world.
  • How a switch of mindset can change every networking encounter.

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Meanwhile, spend some time this week thinking about how you approach networking. What will you do differently, armed with the insights from the video? Capture some notes in your journal, your diary or your phone. Then, have a quick read of this blog on breaking through in times of uncertainty. This may inspire you to consider how will building a strong network help you in such challenging times?

Finally, for the full story on networking, the what to do, the what not to do, the how to and even the why to – take a look at my book on the subject:

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