“Remember, your income will never exceed the value you add to others.”

Let me start by saying that not everyone is looking to boost their income or advance their career. In fact, many people are looking for something completely different such as a balanced lifestyle or a simple, minimal, existence focused on prioritising health and wellbeing. All approaches are absolutely fine and, in fact, critical if you are to live the life of your dreams. It is your life and your dreams are important.

However, if more income or a step-change in your career would enhance your life right now, then here are three steps that will help:

1. Be Someone Who Adds Value

Stephen Covey, the author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, noticed the irony in the way most people approached life in reverse order. Many people focus on what they want to HAVE, before thinking about what they may have to do to achieve it. But life doesn’t work like that. You have to decide first who you want to BE. That will determine what you DO and ultimately what you will HAVE. So, the first step to boosting your income is to decide you want to BE someone who adds value to the lives of others.

There are a myriad of ways you can do this. You could invent something of value, provide a service of value, sell something valuable, deliver a magnificent performance or just be incredibly helpful. Whatever you choose to do, always think, is there more I could do to add even more value? People invest their money in things they perceive to be of value to them. Take the focus off what you want and become obsessed being someone who provides what others want.

2. Be Someone Who Acts Consistently

While we’re on the subject of BEING, be consistent. There are two huge paybacks of this behaviour. First, people like people they can rely on, they appreciate consistency. There is nothing worse as a customer of a service, than not knowing if and when the next item of value will appear. If you have managed to capture someone’s attention with something they value, then don’t risk them forgetting all about you by not offering the same, or better, service again in a timeframe they will welcome.

Secondly, consistency overcomes resistance. If you are not seeing the progress you’d like or you’re facing a seemingly immovable obstacle, keep going. Work your way through it. Make sure you are learning along the way. Persistent action, a step in the right direction every day, is better than a quick sprint every now and again and then nothing.

Sometimes an obstacle appears just to test you. How much do you really want your goal? The crisis of confidence, the unexpected spanner in the works, the devastating delay. All are sent to try us but they only win, we only lose if we stop. In our business, we call these events “plot twists” to ensure they are assessed realistically and not perceived as a sign that we have reached the end of the road. The famous analogy of the tortoise and the hare is pertinent, no-one achieves the goal overnight, there is always a trail of consistent and persistent work.

3. Be Someone Of Integrity

People invest in people and solutions they can trust. If you are always looking to add more value than expected, if you turn up to do the work every day, then the last piece of the jigsaw is to be someone who people can rely on to do the right thing – regardless of the circumstances. I wrote many years ago about the fact that Integrity is a 100% job. Lack of integrity in any area of your life is like throwing a pebble into the lake, it will ripple out into all areas of your life.

The great thing about this is that it all starts with you. Look in the mirror every day and make a commitment to yourself – what are you committing to when it comes to protecting your health, developing your mindset or enhancing your skillset? Become someone who makes commitments to yourself that you know will be delivered, no matter what and soon it will ripple out into every area of your life. You will have established trust between you and your clients, your colleagues and your community.

Terry Neill

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