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Simon Phillips – The Change Man

Simon Phillips (aka The Change Man) is a best-selling author, an award-winning trainer, an experienced consultant, coach and speaker on all aspects of change. In particular, he specialises in professional executive development, helping individuals thrive on the changes in their own careers and how to support their teams and organisations through change. His professional networks extend around the world and he is the Founder of The Change Maker Group and the Change Makers Network.


Simon’s coaching clients extend across the world. He specialises in helping people struggling to deal with significant changes in their life/career.


Simon designs, develops and delivers powerful seminars, corporate programmes and accessible online training on all aspects of personal and organisational change.



Simon is a natural communicator as a keynote speaker, conference facilitator and chair at industry and personal growth events.



Simon’s first book sold in 16 countries and his latest collaboration topped the Kindle charts in it’s two categories.


Be Kind To Yourself

How often do you berate yourself? Tell yourself off for being an idiot / always being late / putting your foot in it / wishing you’d not said that / failing to hit a goal / missing an opportunity. As the quote says, we talk to ourselves far more than we talk to anyone...

The things we worry about

One of my favourite statements I’ve heard this year is; “Worrying is praying for an outcome we do not want.” Many of the greatest worry worts will tell you they are being realistic, but in who’s universe? They cite a whole load of examples of when they have worried...

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